WOR - white oxidation resistance

Our fusio-technik, UV res and ISO-technik products are crafted using WOR technology (White Oxidation Resistance). 

WOR is an innovative solution that incorporates a specialized blend of additives and polymeric materials, forming a durable inner layer within PP-RCT pipes. This ensures unparalleled performance in water transport for sanitary, heating, and mechanical systems.

plumbing & Plant engineering

Discover comprehensive solutions for plumbing and plant engineering, showcasing our fusio-technik, UV res, ISO-technik and safety-plus systems.

compressed air and plant engineering

Discover the future of compressed air systems with our revolutionary Fusio-Technik and Safety-Plus products. Say goodbye to the risks of corrosion-related failures and leaks, ensuring your vital system components remain protected and efficient.

wineries and breweries

Wineries and breweries rely on aquatechnik piping for trusted performance across a diverse range of applications. With a high temperature rating of up to 203°F, corrosion resistance, and compatibility with chilling solutions like glycol and ammonia, it’s the go-to solution for these industries.