Food Processing Facility

Cabri, SK, Canada – 

A Flexible Solution!

aquatechnik was the first choice for a new facility at the Wheatland Hutterite Colony near Cabri, Saskatchewan, Canada. This new 15,000 sq. ft. building encompasses a separate meat processing and vegetable packing facility.

“What am I going to plumb this boiler room with?”

This was the first question that Steve, a new plumber at the Wheatland Colony, asked himself at the start of this project. Steve began his fact-finding mission by discussing options with a plumbing & mechanical sales representative in Saskatchewan, where he first learned about aquatechnik. “Right away, I knew I would consider aquatechnik and ended up putting it right at the top of my list!”, said Steve. 

During the installation, commissioning and operation, Steve learned:

  • “With aquatechnik fittings, you can do anything!”
  • “The pipes and fittings are white, which means then blend in nicely with white walls.”
  • “Great to work with, handles nicely and requires fewer clamps than other products, which saves money.”
  • “The product can’t rust and the system stays cleaner, increasing the boiler life.”
  • “The product stays a lot cooler to the touch in comparison to other products.”
  • “Overall, aquatechnik is the best product on the market and I plan to continue using it in the future!”